The Marvelous Adventures of Green Genie Cannabis

December 1, 2023 0 Comments

Just like its mystical counterpart, the Green Genie offers a realm of wonders. Instead of a magic carpet, they escort you on a pleasantly scented journey through the beneficial world of medical marijuana.

All Roads Lead to Recreational Cannabis

Emerging from an antique lamp in modern day neighborhoods such as Redford, Westland, and Southfield, the Green Genie grants wishes for all forms of enjoyment … recreational cannabis. No magic words required. Just remember, save your three wishes, because we don’t restrict you to a limit!

Don’t Get Your Weed from a Wizard

No more wishing for a weed store that meets your needs. The Green Genie Cannabis – the only genie that wouldn’t mind being associated with grass, grass of the herbal kind! They’ve made the journey to get quality medicinal marijuana much easier. Say goodbye to the tiring hunts of ‘marijuana dispensaries near me’.

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

From Dearborn to Taylor, and even reaching as far as Novi, Green Genie has lit up a trail leading straight to their pot shop. So why just read stories about magical genies when you can experience one right in your neighborhood?